LiveWires – Custom-Fit In-Ear Monitors

“The best sounding and most comfortable earphones I have ever had – I use them for everything now.”
-Steve Wozniak

Apple Inc (Co-founder)

LiveWire IEM’s! Triple driver technology – thundering bass, crystal clear highs! Trips are our most popular but we offer other models to fit all your needs.

We’ve taken the latest technology and created the best sounding ears for the price – anywhere!  We are very excited to offer our new “Quads” – available now!

LiveWires mission, from the start, has been to offer custom-fit in-ear monitors at a price that is affordable for anyone looking for a great sounding set of earphones at a great price.

LiveWires are built with the highest quality balanced armature drivers on the planet from Knowles Acoustics.

Noise cancelling you say?  Every major headphone manufacturer is touting some version of noise cancelling headphone. We are forced to ask; “why is the noise getting in there in the first place?” By capturing the dimensions of the external ear and ear canal, we create extremely effective and natural noise cancellation.

LiveWires redefines the listening experience by offering high quality custom in-ear earphones at an affordable price. At only $299 for the Duals and $459 for the Triples, Liv…
LiveWires Clients
“I didn’t like to use in-ears until I started using LiveWires headphones. Now I can’t go without them! Thanks guys for making my playing so much easier. ”
Product Reviews
Check out these product reviews. We are very proud of our LiveWires and it seems that the industry agrees, great value, great comfort and great sound!
LiveWires – Trips
LiveWires Triple Driver Earphones
LiveWires triple driver earphones offer extended frequency range and unparalleled sonic quality! With our “Trips” you will experience a thund…