LiveWires provide both the sound quality artists demand in their ears and the comfort consumers deserve in their ears. We love a reviewer’s comment “Rockstar Quality, Garage Band Price” which says it all!

How can LiveWires be so inexpensive?

Our cost to acquire the finest components in the world is the same as our competitors. We just felt the need to introduce a high quality custom product that was within reach of garage bands, worship teams and, ultimately, consumers of music. We are confident that we build LiveWires as well as any custom in-ear in the world.

Why do LiveWires sound so incredible?

The combination of high quality, balanced armature drivers housed in custom shells give the LiveWires user an amazing musical experience.

Are you the official LiveWires?

Yes, we introduced LiveWires at MacWorld 2007, in San Francisco.

What are the advantages of LiveWires over universal-fit, in-ear monitors (IEMs)?

Custom IEMs are more comfortable, they offer acoustic isolation and consistent sound quality and are more stable in your ears, even during vigorous performance or exercise.

Headphones, Earphones, Earbuds, Custom IEM? How are they different?

Although frequently used interchangeably, these terms generally refer to the different positions in which you wear your audio device—covering or laying over your year (headphones), covering or in your ear (earphones), in your ear (earbuds). None of them offer the truly custom fit of an “in-ear” or IEM (in ear monitor) like LIVEWIRES which requires impressions of the user’s actual ears so they are totally personalized and totally comfortable.

While universal-fit models force users to choose between sound quality and range, portability, and acoustic isolation, LiveWires custom in-ears offer the best of all worlds.

How do I get my ear impressions made?

For help finding an audiologist or hearing specialist in your area, try our audiologists map. If you are unable to locate an audiologist near you, call us at 1-740-808-8248 for assistance. A good ear impression is essential for a great fitting and sounding LiveWire since each ear is unique. Ship the ear impressions to us at: LiveWires, Inc. 204 South Broad Street #99, Lancaster, Ohio 43130.  Include a small note with your name and contact information.

What are the benefits for the musician using LiveWires? Why use LiveWires instead of traditional floor monitors?

  • Reduced risk of hearing damage (with proper use)
  • Improved and consistent sound quality
  • Reduced vocal fatigue (not screaming over loud floor wedges)
  • Virtual elimination of acoustic feedback
  • Freedom of movement on stage (when using wireless system)
  • Elimination of bulky monitors reduces storage and cartage
  • Cost
  • Comfort

Will I feel too isolated?

No more than with any other high-quality headphones or in-ear monitors. Acoustic isolation can be an advantage when performing or listening to music. Your sound mix can be customized easily. Ambient mics added to your mix give you the feel of the house.

Shell? Faceplate? What are the different parts of a set of LiveWires?

Click here to see a diagram of a set of LiveWires.

How do I know I’m listening safely?

LiveWires have been created by audiologically sound principles and may prevent noise-induced hearing loss by improving the signal-to-noise ratio. You will not need to play your music as loudly because you will no longer have to overcome ambient (outside) noise. Goodbye ringing ears.

How do I care for my LiveWires?

The most common causes of damage to LiveWires are crushing, moisture and wax. In order to protect your liveWires from being crushed, when you are not wearing them, keep them in your LiveWires Carrying Case. Keep your LiveWires away from water. And, if you live in a particularly humid environment, consider purchasing a Stay Dri Dehumidifier Kit to protect them from moisture. Finally, each set of LiveWires comes with a LiveWires Cleaning Tool. If you notice wax buildup in the sound port, carefully remove it with your LiveWires Cleaning Tool (click here for a demonstration).

Are there any tips for unplugging the cables?

Click here to view our instructional video.

Although typically we recommend simply leaving the cables plugged into your LiveWires, should you wish to unplug them, with one hand hold the LiveWire with your thumb on the faceplate and your index finger on the shell and with your other hand grasp both sides of the metal connecter with your thumb and index finger, then pull the connector straight away from the faceplate.

What is the best method for inserting my LiveWires?

Click here to view our instructional video.

With the earpiece rotated slightly forward, place the canal portion into your ear. You may need to pull up on the top of your ear as this slightly straightens your ear canal.

Fully seat the earpiece by rotating it back and in. It should feel “locked” in place.

What colors are available (Shells and Faceplates)?

Click here to see samples of our color options.

What color are your cables?

Our standard cables are a solid black with memory wire. There are other options in both style and color. Check our website store or call for more information.

What is LiveWires warranty policy?

Click here to view LiveWires warranty policy.

My LiveWires don’t sound like they did when I first got them. What could be wrong?

The most common reason for sound quality deterioration or loss is a buildup of earwax in the sound ports or moisture in the shell.

We strive to offer excellent customer service for our product. To help identify the cause of any change in sound quality, try the steps below or check out our troubleshooting video.

1. Look for earwax or debris in the sound ports (we recommend clear shells so that this is easy to check). If you see a buildup, carefully use your LiveWire cleaning tool to remove any debris from the sound port.
2. If the sound loss persists, swap the cable sides (disconnect and reconnect the cables to the opposing ear of your LiveWires).
a. If the sound loss has swapped ears, the cause most likely lies with the cables or “wires”. Order replacements on our website. If you have had the cord for less than thirty (30) days, contact us and return the cable for a replacement under our warranty.Be sure to check out our full line of cables.
b. If the sound loss remains in the same ear, the cause most likely lies with the LiveWire itself. To check if moisture is the cause of the sound deterioration or loss, let it sit for forty-eight (48) hours in a warm, dry environment to allow any moisture to evaporate. Keeping them in our Stay Dri Dehumidifier Kit can help prevent moisture-related sound loss.

If moisture is not the cause, check out our repair services. Please include your contact information and any details regarding the steps you have already taken with your shipment and order. You may request a quote prior to any service but a $60-85 charge is typical. Professional cleaning service is also available to maintain the best performance of your LiveWires.