LiveWires Clients

“The best sounding and most comfortable earphones I have ever had – I use them for everything now.”

Steve Wozniak
Apple Inc (Co-founder)


“I didn’t like to use in-ears until I started using LiveWires headphones. Now I can’t go without them! Thanks guys for making my playing so much easier.”

Mike Clemons, drummer with Israel and the New Breed (Israel Houghton)


“I’ve been privileged to play with Michael for the last 20 years. Michael would sound great through a two tin cans and a string. He sounds amazing through LiveWires. I recommend LiveWires all of the time.”

Vince Denham, Saxophone with Michael McDonald


“In-ear monitors have made a tremendous impact on my performances and my singing. As a drummer, I now have both fantastic sound and ear protection. I can hear everything without having to turn it up to ten. As a singer, I no longer have to push my voice to compensate for my rather loud environment. I can relax and sing with confidence as I can now hear everything. I will never go back! My LiveWires travel with me everywhere, they really rock on the plane w/my mp3 player too!”

Trey Sabatelli, Drummer with The Tubes, Jefferson Starship, Todd Rundgren


“Whether you are a music industry professional, or a regular Joe that loves to listen to music through your mp3 player, LiveWires will change your world! I have worked with EarPeace for years … and they have hit a home run with these in-ear monitors! Fit, quality and clarity are all 10’s! If you want big league ear monitors for a fraction of the cost, get yourself a pair of LiveWires…you won’t want to listen to music any other way!”

Dave McAfee, Drummer with Toby Keith, 62 West, Wade Hayes, Bryan White


“I love my LiveWires: the sound is clear, direct, and uncolored, and in the world of in-ear monitors, there is no better value.”

Jon Herington, Guitarist with Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs and others

“I have had my ears for a few months and quite a few gigs behind me. Just wanted to drop a line to tell all of you that the ears you made for me are by far the best I’ve ever played with! The isolation and comfortable feel you get means no more ear fatigue! The clarity and separation is second to none! I would recommend them unconditionally!!!”

Jarret Lemmon, Nitrain

“Amazingly efficient at isolating ambient noise.”Eric Cronwall, Senior Audiovisual Consultant

“Most comfortable pair of earphones I’ve ever tried. They make my train commute fly by.”Mike Samboy, Director of World Wide Sales

“I never believed that something as simple as a set of custom fitted in-ear phones could change my audio experience to the extent they have.”Krista Staszkow, Dance Instructor

“The fidelity is fabulous; the fit is excellent, snug, comfortable. A great product, I am a satisfied customer and would make this purchase again.”Hubbert Smith