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Check out these product reviews. We are very proud of our LiveWires and it seems that the industry agrees, great value, great comfort and great sound!

From Victor Marks

Review: LiveWires in-ear headphones

I am very picky about what I put on or in my ears, not because of sound, but because of fit. I’ve tried a number of pairs of earbuds, over the ear headphones, and Bluetooth headsets, and many of them become uncomfortable after as little as a half-hour of use. When I met CEO John Diles of EarPeace Technologies at Macworld Conference & Expo, I had to try out his product, because they are custom made for your ears. You can order the earphones through the LiveWires web site.

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From Donald Bell


LiveWires Custom Fit In-Ear Earphones

Open a box of any off-the-shelf earphones and you’ll find a handful of replaceable ear fittings, in all manner of shapes, sizes, and materials. It seems ridiculous that the human ear can be so puzzling, but ears truly are as unique and varied as fingerprints. For those with hard-to-fit ears, getting custom-molded earphones would seem like a reasonable answer to this dilemma, but even a modest pair from Westone or UltimateEars will set you back about $400. Like a beacon of sanity, a California-based upstart called EarPeace Technologies is making high-end custom earphones an affordable proposition, pricing its LiveWires custom-fit earphones at a relatively astonishing $299.

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From Joe Shambro,

Your Guide to Home Recording.

Rockstar Quality, Garage Band Price

Earpeace Technologies is the newest entry into the custom earphone market; known world-wide for their hand-held audiological screening tool, Earpeace quietly introduced their LiveWires product at MacWorld 2007, and many recording engineers and musicians in attendance took note.

Earpeace’s goal was quality on a budget: a professional quality, dual-driver custom-fitted earphone . . . And the product doesn’t disappoint in the least — Earpeace’s goal of a quality product at an accessible price was met — and exceeded — with the LiveWires earphones.

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